Another very beautiful image Interior view of our past project at Canna Design

Interior & Exterior design for a Healthcare Dispensary – Arkansas

Project Description:

InnoDez performed an interior design and exterior design for NaturalState Healthcare Dispensary, AK.

It is a modern style with a natural theme to bring nature to the design. Green will bring nature and purple color will add joy to the design.  We tried to have everything healthful in this design. We have also screens around to show the price-lists for the products. The arrangement of the furniture has been considered in a way that you can keep the customer as much as possible in the shop.

Are you working on the perfect interior design scheme for your business? If you are, you likely have most of the rooms in your new… envisioned in your mind already. Maybe you’ve already decided on a ton of design ideas, and you’re just bumping around trying to pick up some last-minute tips. Well, if that’s the case, we do have some interior design tips for you that may end up being of use to you!
1 – The Natural Element
2 – Selecting Paintings: Color And Size Tips
3 – Let Your Personality Show
4 – Interior Lighting
5 – Shiny Things
6 – Foyer Design
7 – Spacing: The Golden Ratio
Your unique style and character should always reflect in your home’s / business’s interior and exterior (Read More)







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