8-unit mixed-use residential building In Racine WI
Project Description:

Mixed-Use Multifamily Building: A returning client that had favorable design experiences and successful project delivery in CA, referred a client to us who were engaged in the community development of 8 Unit Mixed-Use Residential Building and neighborhood landscaping in Wisconsin.


InnoDez was tasked to design a full package design including Civil, Architectural, Structure, and MEP to get approval from the city in a relatively tight schedule.


We had unique challenges to contend with when started to design the requested multi-family home design. Our team considered the following items in the design process to have a successful design and get approval from the city as well as get the client satisfaction.
1) Utility Separation
2) Solution for tenant noise complaints
3) Creating Innovative design to attract the tenants and decrease the turnover rate
4) Creating a friendly environment and landscape
5) Delivering on budget and schedule
6) Considering the low-temperature environment in the design

Any time you choose an architect to develop your new home design, the drawing will undergo a series of prominent steps in building design process From site analysis, through to the construction phase, your home will evolve more and more through each step of the process.
Here are the most prominent steps in the home building design process.

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8 Unite Multifamily Foundation Second Floor Roof

8-unit mixed-use residential building In Racine WI

motel HVAC Design and Engineering

8 Unite Multifamily - Hall

8 Unite Multifamily Kitchen-Inside

8-unit mixed-use residential building In Racine WI

8 Unite Multifamily Site Plan

Stonfield-8 Unite Multifamily

8 Unite Multifamily Drainage Layout

8-unit mixed-use residential building In Racine WI

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