12-Story Mixed-Use Commercial Office Building Exterior Design, WI

Mixed-use developments support a variety of functions aimed at enhancing cultural diversity. They result in increased socio-economic, social and environmental benefits for neighborhood communities.

This 12-story mixed-use commercial office building design in Wisconsin incorporates office spaces for work combined with retail space on the lower level. Aiming to make a bold statement, a combination of modern materials is harmoniously blended for the façade treatment in favor of traditional brick. Thin, external porcelain panels add a touch of elegance to the tower, setting it apart from the surrounding structures.

The landscape is simple and elegant, in keeping with the design of the structure. Massive boundary walls with long, linear steps define the entrance to the building. Green trees add a touch of softness, breaking the expanse of paving material.

12 story Commercial Office Building Design - Unlike the traditional red brick used in the surrounding buildings, the 12 stories commercial office building design is set apart by the monochrome scheme used for the minimal façade and the variety of functions offered from retail on the lower levels to office spaces on the rest of the floors, by InnoDez Design and Engineering.

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